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Approved and accredited training courses


  • Caci Eye Revive

    soothes tired and puffy eyes , combats dark circles. reduces fine lines and wrinkles , lifts hooded eyes

    course of 10 recommended

    • £3230 min
    • £288 course of 10

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  • Jowl Lift

    Improve the appearance of sagging jowls, lifts and firms facial contours using the NEW quad probes specially designed to lift and re-educate the muscles around the jaw line.

    • £2520 mins

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  • Non surgical facelift (CACI)

    Using tiny micro current to tone, lift and re-educate the facial muscles. Improves skin tissue and softens fine lines and wrinkles (course of 10-15 recommended)

    • £5560 mins
    • £275course of 6
    • £495course of 12

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  • Super CACI non-surgical facelift

    A more intense treatment from the classic non-surgical facelift, working on deeper lines, wrinkles and sagging skin and muscles.

    course of 10-15 recommended

    • £7075 mins
    • £350course of 6
    • £630course of 12

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  • Caci Eye lift

    Excellent for reducing fine lines, dark circles and lifting of eye bags using micro current to stimulate blood flow and break down fatty deposits.

    • £3545 min
    • £315 course of 10

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  • Wrinkle revolution

    The Non-invasive, Needle Free Alternative to Collagen Injections and Dermal Fillers Softens and smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


    • £3020 mins

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  • Ultimate Microdermabrasion facial

    Includes orbital dermabrasion using red and blue light therapy, wrinkle comb treatments to plump out any fine lines and hydratone facial proven to stimulate collagen production, kill acne bacteria, reduce scarring and kick starts new cell production for sun damaged skin.

    Your skin will look lighter, brighter, softer and more youthful. We strongly recommend a course of 6-8 treatments for long term benefits.

    • £5050 mins
    • £350 - course of 8 treatments

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  • Caci Hydratone facial

    Hydratone rollers gently massage the face and “charge” the hydratone mask quenching very dehydrated skins and especially mature and environmentally damaged.

    Great lunch time pick me for your skin as only takes 30 mins!

    • £2530 mins
    • £225 - course of 10

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  • Lip plumping

    • £2020 mins

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  • Legs & Buttocks lift (CACI)

    Using the Electro Cellulite Massager, combines therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of electrical stimulation to break down fatty deposits and lift sagging body muscles.

    Great pre holiday treatment (course of 10-15 recommended.)

    • £3545 mins
    • £315 - course of 10
    • £455 course of 15

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